Who we are & what we do

We are primarily a web development and programming company, however we have a range of clients from business who needs a website designed & built to corporate clients who need to contract jobs out to a developer as they don't have the necessary skills in house.

Our services include:

Creating a website from start to finish. 

Design, build and maintenance once launched.  If you're a bit computer savvy, we can also provide training so that you can keep your own web content updated.

Build from a given design.

If your company has some great ideas coupled with great designers, but don't really have the skills inhouse to turn the design into reality, then we can help.

Mobile apps

We also build native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Technologies we use

The primary technologies we use when developing web sites and web apps are PHP and MySQL, however we are very experienced in Flash development.  Although theres a major shift from the desktop computer experience to mobile compatiblity, there are some things that can only be done in flash, or in a native mobile app.


Bayer - Let's Create Together

create-together-iconThe iOS version of the baby maker tool and fertility calendar as part of the Let's Create Together project was a very large and involved app. The basic idea behind the app is a fun app in which a male and female photo would be combined to see what the resulting child may look like.

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Shell - Map Your Snaps

map-you-snaps-iconThe Map Your Snaps iOS app allows the user to upload a picture that's been taken on their iOS device directly the Map Your Snaps Facebook App. During this process, they can geolocate the image by dropping a pin onto NZ map to show where the picture was taken. In addition to uploading their photos, the user can view galleries of all the uploaded images including most viewed images, and the latest uploaded photos. Photos can also be shared via Facebook or Twitter.

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