create-together-iconThe iOS version of the baby maker tool and fertility calendar as part of the Let's Create Together project was a very large and involved app. The basic idea behind the app is a fun app in which a male and female photo would be combined to see what the resulting child may look like.

The user would upload a male and female photo, and then proceed to map out the facial feature points of each. These points were used to create a 2D mesh and OpenGL was used to morph the parent images to produce a composite image of the parents. This composite image was morphed with a pre-mapped baby image to "baby-ize" the composite parent image with the resulting image then being colour corrected to compensate for skin tone and image colouring variations. The resulting baby image is saved to a "baby gallery", can be named, and then shared via twitter, facebook and email from within the app. The parent images that were mapped out were saved so they could be quickly re-used at a later date.

Either a single phone can be used to create a result baby image, or two phones can be used. In the case of the 2 phone process, each "parent" takes or imports their own image, maps out the facial points, and once both images are ready to merge the phones are rubbed together which triggers the merging process. The data from both the phones are uploaded, swapped and downloaded through the website server, and then the resulting child is shown on both devices.

During the promotional period, a user can enter their email address and get emailed a discount voucher for elevit/menevit which can be redeemed at local pharmacies.

The fertility calendar part of the app can be set to send notification reminders of when the woman was most fertile in her cycle.

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